Monday, January 28, 2013


The 64th Republic Day of our Nation was celebrated at the Palada Campus and Fernhill Campus. Mr. T. Suresh, Coordinator Higher Secondary School unfurled the national flag at the Palada Campus and delivered the Republic Day Message.
Mr. Alexander Kuruvilla – Senior Coordinator, hoisted the National Flag at the Fernhill campus and delivered the Republic Day message to the school community. 
Palada Campus

Mr. T. Suresh, Coordinator, 

Higher Secondary School hoisted the National Flag

Republic Day speech by Mr. T. Suresh, Coordinator, 
Higher Secondary School

 Let me first wish all a Happy Republic Day. Our nation celebrates its 64th Republic Day on this day
26th January is a very significant date in our nation's calendar, when we celebrate the establishment of free India as a Republic based on the ideology of justice and equality.
It is a day when we recall with gratitude the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and the work of our Founding Fathers, for giving to us a country where our dignity and individual freedoms are guaranteed by an enlightened Constitution.
Most of all, it is a time to introspect about how we have fared so far, and in which direction are we moving.
For our achievements, the foremost credit goes to the drive and the dedicated hard work of millions of men and women of our country. We are witness to the increasing influence of India and its steady economic growth that has brought prosperity to an increasing number of people. We can be proud of our successes, but there are many significant tasks that are yet to be accomplished, in particular the pledge to empower the poor and the marginalized sections of our population so that they too can become a part of the growth story of our nation.
We have witnessed, in the last one year, major events in the financial and security scenario both at the global and the national level - terrorism and violence, natural disasters, volatility in oil and food prices, and a global economic slowdown. These tested the inherent structures and systems for dealing with emergent situations, throwing up challenges of addressing inadequacies and highlighting the need to reinforce monitoring and response mechanisms.
Quote taken from Honorable President Pranab Mukherjee ( yesterday’s speech Jan 25, 2013 )
“Education is the ladder that can help those at the bottom to rise to the pinnacles of professional and social status. Education is the mantra that can transform our economic fortunes and eliminate the gaps that have made our society unequal. So far education has not reached, to the extent desired, to those most in need of this ladder. India can double its growth rate by turning today's disadvantaged into multiple engines of economic development.’’
Another area
 It is time for the nation to reset its moral compass. Nothing should be allowed to spur cynicism, as cynicism is blind to morality. We must look deep into our conscience and find out where we have faltered. The solutions to problems have to be found through discussion and conciliation of views. People must believe that governance is an instrument for good and for that, we must ensure good governance.
We are on the cusp of another generational change; the youth of India spread across villages and towns, are in the vanguard of change. The future belongs to them. They are today troubled by a range of existential doubts. Does the system offer due reward for merit? Have the powerful lost their Dharma in pursuit of greed? Has corruption overtaken morality in public life? Does our legislature reflect emerging India or does it need radical reforms? These doubts have to be set at rest. Elected representatives must win back the confidence of the people. The anxiety and restlessness of youth has to be channelized towards change with speed, dignity and order.
India is very fortunate to have 550 million youth out of a billion people. 70% of India’s population is below the age of 35 years. We are doing well in agriculture, our industry is on the upswing and our performance in the services sector is also equally good. Time has now come for us to make our country, righteous. Righteousness comes out of good character. The evolution of good character leads to harmony in home. Harmony in home brings the people of the state to become enlightened citizens. Enlightened citizens lead the planet earth to be a peaceful world.
On our 64th Republic Day, there may be some reason for concern, but none for despair. If India has changed more in six decades than six previous centuries, then I promise you that it will change more in the next ten years than in the previous sixty. India's enduring vitality is at work.
 Even the British sensed that they were leaving a land which was very different from the one they had occupied. At the base of the Jaipur Column in Rashtrapati Bhavan there is an inscription:
"In thought faith...
In word wisdom...
In deed courage...
In life service...

So may India be great" The spirit of India is written in stone.
Let us rededicate ourselves on this occasion of the 64th Republic Day to work towards making India a prosperous, happy and secure nation, with smile on billion faces.
Almighty, the God is with us.

Speech by

Dhruv Hitesh Vora Std. XII B

Speech by Aditi Cheryl Sobti
  Std. XI A

Fernhill campus

L– R Mrs. Elizabeth Koshy – Primary School Coordinator,  
Mr. Alexander Kuruvilla – Senior Coordinator,  
Mrs. Sunitha Sherly Margaret Assistant Coordinator

Mr. Alexander Kuruvilla – Senior Coordinator, hoisted the National Flag

Republic day speech by 
Mr. Alexander Kuruvilla – Senior Coordinator