Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The School Assembly was held on 28, February 2012. The Principal, Dr. P.C. Thomas addressed the school community which consisted of Mrs. Elsamma Thomas, Senior Vice Principal, Vice-Principal(Administration), Primary School Coordinator, Teachers, Administrative Staff and Students of Std. III, IV and V.

The sequence of events was as under

School Prayer

School Song

School Prayer Song

News Reading by S ASHMATH – Std. V

Speech by BRINDHA S - Std. V

Joseph Addison said, “What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul."

The reason all of us are here is education and the way you study is a reflection of who you are and how much effort you are willing to put forth. This requires creativity, dedication, punctuality and self-discipline. Studying yourself is also challenging your intelligence and the way you want to progress with your education. Remember, it is the early bird that gets the worm! The more that you put forth the more you are going to gain from it.

Our parents have sent us to this wonderful school with dreams for all of us.

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.” is a Chinese proverb. The teachers are dedicated and inspire us but at the end of the day, none of it will matter unless we fulfill our responsibilities by paying attention and putting in the hard work it takes to succeed.

Every single one of us has something that we are good at and that we can offer. Being at GSIS helps us to discover what that is. Here we have many opportunities to participate and compete in a wide variety of co curricular activities. The focus here is on improving your confidence, helping you to explore your hidden talents by trying out various activities and learning skills required for life long success both in the academic and the extra curricular field.

No matter what you want to do with your life, what career you choose, the education here will guarantee that you reach your heights. Education is the foundation of our nation’s future, and studying here will help us to meet the challenges that life has to offer.

We extend a warm welcome to all the new students who have entered the GSIS family and I’m sure you will find that all of us are approachable and always ready to help and guide you

When Jesus says in 'The Lord's Prayer', 'Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven...' not only does he emphasize the connection between heaven and earth, but he teaches human beings that their task is to beautify, purify and transform the earth, so that one day it becomes like heaven on earth. Doing our work meticulously and avoiding all sorts of wrong or sins in our day to day life will make us pure. Compassion and teamwork to help, guide each other ensures not only individual happiness but that of others too. By giving all our best, I’m sure all of us will be able to achieve this.

I would like to relate to you the story of Henri Ford. Ford’s father was a farmer who wanted his son to follow him in his own footsteps. However young Hernri’s heart was with the motor engine and similar things with which he tinkered. After furious arguments with his father, he left to chart his own course to create history by becoming one of the world’s richest entrepreneurs. The lesson to learn here is that one has to see where one’s spontaneous inclination lies and then have the courage and conviction to back it up.

Much later in life, Henri Ford brought into his business people who could concentrate on all other areas except for manufacturing which was Henri’s forte. Henri Ford was regarded as a business genius in his time. This shows that even geniuses have to indulge in complimentary synergies, that is, supplement their own strength and complement their weaknesses.

It can be concluded here that passion alone determines what one should or should not be doing because it enables one to overcome all obstacles.

The Principal then addressed the gathering. He welcomed the new teacher and the newly joined students to the school community. He then exhorted all the students to concentrate on their studies and perform well in their tests. They should also read in the library, participate in elocution and art events and play all games. He specifically informed all that to become a House Captain / Prefect, excellence in academics will be considered as the prime factor. He also informed the students that with effect from July2012, all of them will be shifted to the Palada Campus.

Dr. P.C. Thomas, Principal

L- R Col. Mohan Mathew (Retd.) – Vice Principal, Administration, Mrs. Elsamma Thomas - Senior Vice Principal, Dr. P.C. Thomas - Principal, Mrs. Elizabeth Koshy – Primary School Coordinator

News Reading by S ASHMATH – Std. V

Speech by BRINDHA S - Std. V

Certificate distribution by Mrs. Elsamma Thomas, Senior Vice- Principal