Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Good Shepherd International School, Ooty in collaboration with the Civil Administration of the Nilgiris has reached out to the people of Kinnakorai and adopted four hamlets (Thaniyakandhi, JJ Nagar, Kamraj Nagar and Indira Nagar) that are in need of aid and assistance in their efforts to make progress and establish a stronger link to the world outside in all respects.
 The Superintendent of Police Mr. Murali Rambha (IPS) with the Police Department of the Nilgiris has been a strong inspiring force and support to help Good Shepherd International School carry out the adoption programme to make a positive difference in the lives of our neighbours who are in evident need of further basic amenities and resources that will ensure greater happiness and meaning in their lives.
 On September 04 Sunday a group of our senior students (9 boys and 7 girls) with members of staff on behalf of the school distributed a number of items and articles to the village communities of Thaniyakandhi, JJ Nagar, Kamraj Nagar and Indira Nagar in Kinnakorai. These gifts included 25 cots, 25 mattresses, 25 pillows, 25 pillow covers, 80 bedspreads, 100 chairs and desks, 30 blankets, over 200 sweaters, sports equipment, clothing, stationery, and toiletries etc.

The people of these adopted villages were very happy and delighted to receive these items and thanked the Good Shepherd International School with special mention of Dr. PC Thomas, Founder,  Principal and Mrs. Elsamma Thomas Vice President for these gifts. The Superintendent of Police, the Nilgiris Police Department and the Police force were heartily congratulated for coming together to help the people of Kinnakorai hamlets. The students and staff of GSIS were immensely grateful and thankful for the opportunity given and look forward to a continued rich association with our Kinnakorai neighbours.



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