Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Orientation Programme for Dormitory Parents – 20th January, 2011

An Orientation programme for the “Dormitory Parents” was held on 20 January, 2011 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

The purpose of this programme was to motivate all Dorm parents to fulfill their roles and obligations towards the students and the school for the new term January to May, 2011.

The programme had presentations and interactive sessions as follows :-

Mrs. Elsamma Thomas, Senior Vice Principal

Presentation on “Cr

Your actions determine your credibility and project you as reliable. Credibility leads to others imposing trust in you. The components of credibility are

- Values : inherited from personal and professional life; values are yardstick to judge others also.

- Behaviour

- Reputation

Credibility boosters are - correct decision, admitting mistakes promptly, treating everyone fairly and consistent behaviour.

Col. Mohan Mathew (Retd), Vice Principal - Administration

Presentation on “The Stress Vortex

- What is stress?

- Sources of stress.

- What does stress effect?

- Why does a person experience stress?

- Why does stress lead to physical symptoms?

- When does a person experience stress?

- When does stress become significant needing medical attention?

- Prevention of stress.

Mr. Ajith Jacob, Director of Activities

Presentation of “The Other Side of Residential Life

- Parenthood is not a job, but an adventure.

Mr. Satheesh Mohan, Dorm Parent

Interactive session on “Developing Homely Environment in the Dormitory

- Cleanliness and orderliness of dormitory

- Students should feel free and comfortable to express their concerns and opinion.

- Individual attention to be given to each ward.

- Encourage book reading and some indoor games.

Mrs. Anila Ann Mathew, Director of Counselling

Presentation on ‘Walk the Talk

- Synergy of courage and strength.

- It takes strength to be firm and courage to be gentle.

- It takes strength to stand guard and courage to let down your guard.

- Composition of commitment, accountability, respect, ethics, behaviour.

Mrs. Elizabeth Koshy, Coordinator - Junior School

Interactive session on ‘Fun Time in Dorm

Mrs. Sheila Alexander, Vice Principal - Academics

Summing up

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