Monday, August 8, 2011

Give us a Girl and Take back a Lady!

Good Shepherd Finishing School commenced its sessions for the ninth year on 24 July, 2011. It was with the idea of grooming a girl/lady to a smart lady that the school found its inception. With this intent, sessions on all the quarters where a modern lady needs to be proficient and confident is dealt with in detail. The day begins with Yoga session at 6 in the morning. Regular sessions on Business English, Presentation Skills, Computer as an office tool, Group Discussions, Health and Hygiene, Food Production, Dietetics and Nutrition, Social Graces, Event Management, Art and Craft, Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Beauty Therapy, Physical fitness training and French is designed and weaved into the curriculum. Training in elite games such as Golf, Lawn tennis and Horse riding is administered under the able guidance of experienced coaches. Swimming is taught both for its recreational function and as a life saving function. Regular counseling and career guidance will pave the way to mind management. The Fashion Show, Talent Contest, Topic Presentations, Debates, Public Speaking contests, Cooking Competition, Dessert Competition and Exhibition of Art and Craft planned across the curriculum will give them opportunities to exhibit their skills. Business English classes will equip them to be certified for ‘Business English Certificate’ from The University of Cambridge. Periodic workshops on Leadership Training, Time Management, Styling, Interior Designing and Flower Arrangement will help the girls/ladies to widen their perspective on the topics and master the art. Ball room dancing and other Indian regional dance forms training, training in music - various instruments and vocal give them opportunities to explore these genres. Training in basic mountaineering techniques and periodic camps will bring out the adventurous spirits of the girls and equip them physically and mentally to face the adventures in life. Coaching for IELTS is given to those who desire to pursue education abroad. The nine month curriculum is designed to cater to the needs of the modern lady. The course concludes with the Graduation Ceremony on 28 April, 2011.

We make sure that the ladies who joined us leave as Smart Ladies!


  1. a beautifull school striving for the development of GIRLS to make them outstanding in society

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