Tuesday, November 8, 2011


October 26th, 2011, the Primary School of GSIS celebrated the festival of DIWALI. All the students and staff visited the temple to offer prayers dressed in their traditional attire on this auspicious day.

After the visit to the temple, various competitions were arranged for the students. The Antakshari competition was held first, which consisted of 6 rounds. There were four teams represented by 6 participants from each house. The winners were the Autumn House who were awarded with gifts.

After Antakshari, there was a Rangoli competition. All the students were divided into four teams based on their houses. They had to collect materials they could from the campus and make a rangoli with DIWALI as the theme. The winners were Spring House.

Fire crackers were arranged for the students in the evening. The students thoroughly enjoyed bursting the crackers.

The students and staff were then welcomed by a colourful rangoli in the dining hall for their supper. The dining hall was illuminated with only the diyas and the candles which made the day memorable for all the staff and students.

Anthaksari Winners





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